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Scheduled Meetings and Events for 2019:

November 19

December 17

(Subject to Change)

Thank you Monroe voters!


Monroe RTC approves slate for 2019 Municipal Election

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This year's Honorees

Victor Yanosy- Lifetime Achievement Award
Frank Lieto- Republican of the Year
Donna-Lyn Wales- Rising Republican Star

Special recognition to; Manny Cambra, Judith Stripay, Bernie Sippin and Robert Tranzillo

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Where we stand

Connecticut Senate 23-13 Democratic majority.
Connecticut House of Representatives 92-59 Democratic majority.
U.S. Senate 53-45 Republican majority.
U.S House of Representatives 235-198 Democratic majority.
U.S. governors 27-23 Republican majority

Congratulations Pat O'Hara and the Republican Town Council

Patrick O'Hara 2,556 59.04%

Enid Lipeles 2,748 9.98%
Frank Lieto 2,739 9.95%
Sean O'Rourke 2,704 9.82%
Terry Rooney 2,656 9.65%
Kevin Reid 2,623 9.53%
Jonathan Formichella 2,497 9.07%

Vazzy's Fundraiser

vazzysfundraiser Thank You over 100 attended.

October 2018

MRTC collects 1,200 pounds of food and $320.00 for the Monroe Food Pantry.

The Monroe Republican Town Committee sponsored a food drive over 1,200 pounds of groceries and $320 in cash was collected for the Monroe Food Pantry.

"It's an honor to be able to help our Monroe neighbors that are in need by leading an effort that brings out the best in our community," said Ken Kellogg, "We've been told that the food and funds collected will be especially helpful in meeting the back to school needs. A huge thanks to everyone who donated."

Please note the RTC meeting schedule to the left

If you would like to discuss any of the boards or commissions or consider joining the Monroe Republican Town Committee, please let us know as soon as possible. That will began the process; after which you will be invited to come in and sit down for a chat to discuss your particular interests and positions available.
A complete list of the various Boards and Commissions can be found on our VACANCY page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Elected State Officials

JP Sredzinski Proudly serving the residents of Monroe and Newtown

Housebanner JP Floor

Kevin Kelly Proudly serving the 21st District

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The Monroe RTC Leadership

Sean O'Rourke

Vice Chairman:
Deborah Heim

Vacancy Chairman:
Terry Rooney

Corresponding Secretary:
Ryan Condon

Recording Secretary:
Michael O'Reilly

Dona-Lyn Wales

Other Board Members:

Ken Kellogg
JP Sredzinski
Paul Sobel
Debra Dutches

State Central Rep:
Chris Silhavey