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Scheduled Meetings and Events for 2022:

  • December 20

(Subject to Change)

Kelly and Scott retain their seats.


Plans for the 2023 Lincoln Regan Dinner are underway. Look for a late May early April date here.

Ken Kellogg

"I'm grateful that the Monroe voters continue to show confidence in me and the Republican team."


Republicans Sweep 2021 Municipal Election

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Congratulations to our own Kevin Kelly the new Senate Minority Leader

Where we stand

Connecticut Senate 23-13 Democratic majority.
Connecticut House of Representatives 97-54 Democratic majority.

MRTC membership roster for 2022-2024 can be found here

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If you would like to discuss any of the boards or commissions or consider joining the Monroe Republican Town Committee, please let us know as soon as possible. That will began the process; after which you will be invited to come in and sit down for a chat to discuss your particular interests and positions available.
A complete list of the various Boards and Commissions can be found on our VACANCY page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Elected State Officials

Kelly Link
Monroe Republicans Monroe Republicans Monroe Republicans Monroe Republicans

The Monroe RTC Leadership

Ryan Condon

Vice Chairman:
Debra Dutchess

Vacancy Chairman:
Terry Rooney

Corresponding Secretary:
Nicole Lupo

Recording Secretary:
Michael O'Reilly

Dona-Lyn Wales

Deborah Heim

David Ferris

Elizabeth Edgerton

James Weinberg

Jonathan Formichella

State Central Rep:
Chris Silhavey