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Who are we

Who are we?

The Monroe Republican Town Committee serves the Town of Monroe to promote public service, the principles of good government, and the success of Republican candidates. Who are we? We are simply people who live in Monroe and are active in supporting our philosophy of efficient and transparent government. We are a diverse group that comes from all walks of life and all generations. We are your neighbors. We promote policies and legislation that will produce efficiency, economy and progress in town government. We select candidates for public office who will serve to implement and promote such policies. We encourage Republicans to actively participate in Republican affairs by providing relevant opportunities and leadership.

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Our Elected State Officials

JP Sredzinski Proudly serving the residents of Monroe and Newtown

Housebanner JP Floor

Kevin Kelly Proudly serving the 21st District

Hovey Link
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The Monroe RTC Leadership

Sean O'Rourke

Vice Chairman:
Deborah Heim

Vacancy Chairman:
Terry Rooney

Corresponding Secretary:
Ryan Condon

Recording Secretary:
Michael O'Reilly

Dona-Lyn Wales

Other Board Members:

Ken Kellogg
JP Sredzinski
Paul Sobel
Debra Dutches

State Central Rep:
Chris Silhavey