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Our Republican Candidates

Terry Rooney

First Selectman
Terry Rooney

  • Town Council member
  • MRTC vacancy committee chairman
  • EMS building committee
  • Former Member – Parks & Recreation Commission
  • Former Member – Lake Zoar Authority
  • Treasurer – two First Selectman Campaigns
  • Decorated Retired Bridgeport Police Officer
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Terry Rooney

The Republican Town Council Candidates

  • Enid Lipeles
  • Kevin Reid
  • Jonathan Formichella
  • Vincent Duva
  • Dona-Lyn Wales
  • Sean P. O'Rourke

Enid Lipeles

Enid Lipeles

  • Current vice-chair of the Town Council
  • Former Chair of the Monroe Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Personal acomplishments include
  • 50 year Resident of Monroe
  • 2014 Republican of the Year
  • 2013 Outstanding Citizen of Monroe
  • Former President of the Monroe League of Women Voters
  • Former Science Department Chair at Masuk
  • 1990 – Monroe Teacher of the Year
  • 1980 – Outstanding Chemistry Teacher in North America
  • Former President of the American Field Service

Kevin Reid

Kevin Reid

  • Member -Town Council
  • Former Member - EDC
  • Former Officer – U.S. Army
  • IT Director - ESPN

Jonathan Formichella

Jonathan Formichella

  • Current Chairman- Town Council
  • Former alternate member of Planning and Zoning
  • Former member Building Board of Appeals
  • He is an attorney practicing in Bridgeport
  • He is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross with a degree in History and Political Science

Vincent Duva

Vincent Duva

  • Member Monroe Housing Authority
  • He has earned a Juris Doctor degree.
  • He has been a licensed attorney since 2002.
  • Vin is married with four children.

Dona-Lyn Wales


  • Dona-Lyn is a current member of the Town Council
  • Town Council Liaison – Strategic Planning
  • Town Council Liaison – Finance, Health, Education and Public Safty
  • Treasurer Tony Scott for State Rep. 2021 Campaign
  • Former member Conservation Commission
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Former Member- Board of Finance
  • Former Member- Edith Wheeler Library Board

Sean P. O'Rourke

Sean P. O'Rourke

  • Sean is a current member of the Town Council
  • a Partner at Safe Harbour Tanker Chartering
  • He graduated with a B.S. – S.U.N.Y. Maritime College in Marine Transportation Management
  • 14 Year Resident of Monroe
  • Married to wife Susan
  • Two daughters, Shana and Sarah

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See Our Republican Town Hall Candidates

Vida Stone

Town Clerk
Vida Stone

  • Incumbent Certified Connecticut Town Clerk
  • 40 year Monroe Resident
  • Chair - Memorial Day Parade Committee
  • Chair - Monroe Bicentennial Committee
  • Project Warmth Committee Member
  • Former Monroe Historical Society President, current board member
  • Former Youth Commission Committee, Secretary
  • Former Vice-Chair Historic District Commission
  • Past First Selectman's Assistant 2004-2015 (Monroe)
Debra Heim

Tax Collector
Debra Heim

  • Incumbent Tax Collector
  • Former Tax Collector – Town of Monroe
  • 50 + Year Resident of Monroe
  • Treasurer – Monroe Women's Club
  • Past President – Northeastern Regional Tax Collector's & Treasurer's Association
  • Treasurer – Monroe Historical Society
Frank Dutches

Town Treasurer
Frank Dutches

  • Frank is the current Town Treasurer
  • He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Seton Hall University.
  • Frank has been married for 40 years to wife Debra, and the couple has two married sons, and two granddaughters.
  • He spent 4 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps - leaving active duty with the rank of captain.
Victor Yanosy

Victor Yanosy

  • Victor is the current Town Constable
  • Former Member – Board of Assessment Appeals
  • Past Chairman – Conservation Commission

See Our Republican Board of Finance Candidates

Rebecca O'Donnell

Board of Finance
Rebecca O'Donnell

  • Rebecca is a current member of the board of finance
Katherine Stauffer

Board of Finance
Katherine Stauffer

  • Katherine is a current member of the board of finance
 Nick Sentementes

Board of Finance
Nick Sentementes

  • Current member of the board of finance
  • He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance, and an MBA
  • Nick is a commercial banker
  • Nick lives in Monroe with his Wife, two sons and daughter.

See Our Republican Board of Education Candidates

Greg Beno

Board of Education
Greg Beno

  • Former Board of Finance Member
  • Former Board of Directors Fairfield Chamber of Commerce  
  • Married with 2 children
  • Raised in Monroe & Masuk HS Graduate
  • BA - Stonehill College
  • MBA – Quinnipiac Univ
  • Director of Contact Center – Inside Sales for large national corporation
David Ferris Jr.

Board of Education
David Ferris Jr.

  • Currentt Chairman Board of Education
  • He is a retired lieutenant from a local police department
  • David has a Master's Degree in Public Administration

See Our Republican Planning and Zoning Candidates

Bruno Maini

Planning & Zoning
Bruno Maini

  • Current Vice-Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Former member of the Economic Development Commission
  • currently serves as the Coach Director for AYSO Soccer and is an Umpire in Monroe Little League
Ryan Condon

Planning & Zoning
Ryan Condon

  • Incumbent Secretary – on the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Former member of the Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Current chair of the RTC.
  • Current Member of Monroe Volunteer EMS.
  • Eagle Scout from Monroe's Troop 163.
Nicole Lupo

Planning & Zoning Alternate
Nicole Lupo

  • Incumbent Alternate – on the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Former member Economic Development Commission
Dom Smeraglino

Planning & Zoning Alternate
Dom Smeraglino

  • Incumbent Alternate – on the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Former member Zoning Board of Appeals

Our Elected State Officials

Tony Scott Proudly serving the residents of Monroe and Newtown


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The Monroe RTC Leadership

Ryan Condon

Vice Chairman:
Dona-Lyn Wales

Vacancy Chairman:
Terry Rooney

Corresponding Secretary:
Nicole Lupo

Recording Secretary:
Michael O'Reilly

Elizabeth Edgerton

Deborah Heim

David Ferris

Jonathan Formichella

State Central Rep:
Chris Silhavey